Entanglement in the far North

Text by Nina Stromqvist

Review of GIBCA 2019, Part of the Labrynth, Curated by Lisa Rosenthal, Multi-venue, Gothenburg, Sweden, 7 September – 17 November, 2019 Sissel M Bergh, Maadtegen vuelie (Song of the Root), 2019. Photo: Malin Griffiths

‘The inhabitants of the world, creatures of all kinds, human and non-human, are wayfarers; generations are like a series of interlaced trails.’

[1] Donna Haraway

“Artists are in a constant state of negotiation and reshaping, examining ways to find and invent possibilities that best fit our ever-evolving ontologies. It fits then, that artists are given increasing platforms to test and express pressing issues of our time. This is most apparent in the Nordic countries where in the past year alone, there have been six art biennales. The sense of urgency is felt in these hubs of experimentation, where the heat from above is not only melting the ice caps, but is also creating a more fluid world, where we can once again take notice of complex threads of connection, lost to us since modernity.

During my recent trip to Scandinavia, I was drawn into a collective inward breath, where our limited comprehension of the world, with all its intricate connectivity, is dawning on us all. The threads that bind long-held narratives of Scandinavian social and natural histories are losing their grip; and through the gaps an alternative world view is beginning to emerge—or rather re-emerge after 400 years of obscurity.”

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