Djup Tid

Review by Nina Øverli

Exhibition review by Nina Øverli, published in Art+Australia 
November 2019

Installation view of Djup Tid at Sörmlands Museum, 2019. Photo: Valdemar Asp

‘It is rare to see a convincing curatorial strategy that can create and convey a continuous expansion of the potential of the same artworks into different constellations and contexts. This strategy for ongoing dialogue—between the co-curators and artists, the artworks and museum objects— that expands over time and geographical locations is exciting. It feels new because it is not in a rush to define itself or the artworks it exhibits, but instead embraces the potential for continuous change. This elasticity feels refreshing; it lets go of the notion of the singular ‘super-curator’ or ‘star’ artist. Let’s hope for more of this style of curating; collaborative, inclusive, non-linear, its geographical and temporal locations expanded, yet respectful and attentive enough to maintain and reflect key concerns of the different artworks involved.’  - Nina Øverli

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